Strength Training vs Bodybuilding

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Strength Training vs Bodybuilding

There are numerous articles (most poorly researched) in regards to using weights for physical fitness. The words “strength training”,“weight training”, and “bodybuilding” are thrown around so much that most people believe they are the same thing.

This assumption would be incorrect.

Bodybuilding is used to sculpt the specific size,shape,and symmetry of a muscle regardless of any increase in strength. This can be a vital method of training when you are trying to actively shape certain parts of your body.

Strength training, on the other hand, causes an increase in physical strength and flexibility.


There are many people who do weight training exercises that have never actually done any strength training. Many hardcore gym rats are totally novice in the proper techniques of acquiring greater strength.This is a fact. Strength training requires the use of complex moves that MUST be taught before attempting lifts.

Is one better than the other?

I really want to say yes, but that isn’t very fair.

I’m an athlete. My performance is more important than my body shape.  However,there are others whose top priority is  to acquire a specific physical appearance. Different strokes for different folks.

I do, however, believe everyone should have some basic strength training before training becomes more specific to personal goals. Developing greater strength translates not only into being able to handle higher loads in bodybuilding sets (and greater muscle hypertrophy), but also has this amazing carry over into everyday life. Whether it’s being able to pick up another person, climb a fence, or open pickle jar, you need some sort of strength to accomplish these tasks.

There has also been a lack of access to certain individuals (ie generally anyone who is not a cis born man) of strength training lifts such as deadlifts, squats, and cleans. This has resulted in a skewed perception of certain populations, such as female born persons or non conforming males, being weaker. I don’t think for a second this was unintentional. Stifling our physical strength also weakens our overall strength as people.

I say we shatter those stereotypes.

I feel strength training is so vital to empowering masculinity. This doesn’t mean that we all must be freakishly strong or there aren’t varying degrees of strength. I only wish that we reach some of our potential, whatever that may be for each individual.

As soon as things are up and running, I will supply the knowledge on how to gain greater overall strength. I want each of you to get stronger. What you choose to do with that strength is up to you but at the very least you will no longer be denied the know-how.

Let’s keep getting stronger and let’s keep this movement growing stronger as well!

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