We are constantly at war with standards of normative society: whom we can love, how we look, how we identify and move through the world as masculine-of-center folx. Our community is engaged in an ever-present battle to break free from and challenge the mainstream. Our queer acts of resistance are waged in various forms and media, but what about shaping a narrative for our physical bodies? How do we craft an image that outwardly projects our internal gender identities? The fitness industry reflects and perpetuates the images we see on TV and in magazines- narrow binaristic presentations of how ‘proper’ men and women should look.


It’s time we took a stand and demanded the keys to unlock our own physical potential


Take Control. Reclaim Your Strength. Define Yourself. 


My name is Pat and I’m here to arm you with the knowledge to unlock your true strength.


This site is my project and my gift to the masculine of center community. I realized how big of a void there was in fitness related material for the  gender nonconforming population. I have been privileged to have been invited into some of the top athletic training facilities in the world over the past ten years. I am combining my own mentorship in training with my experiences as a trans* butch struggling with their own self identity. In addition to delivering the knowledge to empower your own body with strength training, I am creating a space where we may hold and support each other in our fitness journey.


Buff Butch is dedicated to serving all people who feel they have been restricted by the fitness world due to their gender identity.


This site is ours. I am asking for your help in building a space for our community, to foster and push each other in our goals.  Pick up some iron and join the fight.


Ready to join the Buff Butch Army?



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