Community Spotlight: Interview with Dana

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Since Buff Butch is a community effort, we are creating a space where we can  highlight all the awesome queers trainers and trainees! Introducing the Buff Butch Community Spotlight! Once a week, we will host an interview with one of our community members to talk about gender identity and fitness.

Check out our first Community Spotlight, Dana!

Dana is from my hometown of Long Beach,CA. She is a queer woman of color who is a life coach with an emphasis in personal training. She’s also a certified fitness & behavior modification coach, Kundalini yoga instructor and natural bodybuilder. Dana is currently training for her first natural bodybuilding competition and is aiming to compete in the Gay Games in 2016!

Listen to Dana talk about gender fluidity, what it means to be a masculine woman in the gym and her future in the sport of bodybuilding.



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