Discover how fitness can be used as a tool for self-care and self-empowerment.

Helping queer & transgender trainees become stronger and more connected with their bodies through fitness.

Stop listening to the advice of fitness professionals who understand nothing about your community.

I created Buff Butch to offer training guidance to those who exist outside the gender binary.
It is my mission to empower queer, gender nonconforming & transgender trainees
to strengthen their mind-body connection, increase their physical strength,
and gain confidence in their capabilities.
-Pat Manuel

Discover the fitness self care tool designed for the queer body.

The fitness industry can be incredibly hostile to queer & transgender folks.
but you CAN start a fitness program:

  • Without compromising your identity
  • Without adhering to normative standards of beauty
  • Without body shaming
  • Without reinforcing the gender binary

If you’ve struggled to find a fitness program centering the needs of the queer & transgender community

sign up below for our FREE 5 Day E-Course Beginner’s Guide to Fitness as Self Care

This beginner friendly program is NOT based around aesthetics. Instead, the focus is on self care by guiding you in re-connecting with your body through exercise movements. Perfect for the beginner who hasn’t really been able to start a workout program before. (No need to worry about locker rooms either. The program can be done in the safety of your own home)

I’ll Teach You How To Become Stronger And Create A Healthy Connection To Your Body Using Common Exercises You’ve Seen Before---Completely FREE

(But There’s A Catch...)

The catch: I’ve gotta ask you a favor.
I know the fitness industry isn’t usually the safest place for folks like us.
BUT I’m going to need you to have an open mind.
Everything you’ve been taught about fitness? Toss it right out.
I’m going to show you how fitness doesn’t have to be problematic, but can actually be healing.

Just enter your email below to receive:

  • 7 days of actual workouts I’ve used with my queer & transgender clients
  • 3 days of done-for-you workout videos
  • explanations behind the reasoning for the workouts
  • and why it is important for you as queer and/or transgender person to have access to training.
  • insights shared during my workshops
  • ...and feedback from folks who have trained with me.

This stuff has literally taken me YEARS to create.

Here’s a peek at what you can look forward to over the coming days: A week’s worth of workouts that not only make you stronger, but also strengthens your connection to your body. How to properly warm up before exercising WITHOUT having to go for a run The typical muscle groups affected by stress and how to loosen them How to queer up fitness ….. And much more!

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