My Bad

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I Screwed Up If I have ever made you feel strength was only for the masculine, I want to sincerely apologize. When I started Buff Butch, my intention was to remove barriers restricting those in … Read More

Queering Fitness

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Moving Beyond Aesthetics: A Jock’s Attempt to Queer the Fitness Industry My masculinity has been forged within the gyms of Los Angeles. From setting foot in my first boxing gym as a questioning teenager to … Read More


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So pride season is here. A time of joy for all queers except those who work at gay bars & clubs. I am one of these unfortunate souls. Since being the Buff Butch doesn’t pay … Read More

Strength Training vs Bodybuilding

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Strength Training vs Bodybuilding There are numerous articles (most poorly researched) in regards to using weights for physical fitness. The words “strength training”,“weight training”, and “bodybuilding” are thrown around so much that most people believe … Read More

Who is Behind Buff Butch?

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Hi, I’m Pat the queer boxer. I started out as an awkward, pudgy teenager who just wasn’t happy with the way they looked. I had done sports before,mainly softball (surprise,surprise) but it had been a … Read More

Hello Bois & Grrls

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Fellow butches, queers, femmes,studs, bois, transmen,transwomen aggressives, genderqueers, lesbians, gays, andros, tombois, genderfluids, machas and all other identities present! I’m guessing you may have expressed interest in my page because you noticed there is a … Read More