Empowering your body to help you change the world

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Whether you’re an organizer, involved in community work, or simply walking through  this world as a queer and/or transgender person, your existence is an active act of defiance against normative society.

Our queer acts of resistance are waged in various forms and media; most often through performance, art, music, fashion, photography, poetry, and writing.

But what about shaping a narrative for our physical bodies? How do we reclaim our bodies from such oppressions as white supremacy, the gender binary, and normative beauty standards?

Grab your free  copy of Strength Training for Activists to learn how.

  • Discover the knowledge  behind creating a training program to empower rather than enforce an aesthetic.
  • Be able to create your own training routine rather than simply follow a workout plan.
  • Get examples of workout routines intended to help re-connect with your body and center yourself.
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