A Fitness Resource For The Queer, Transgender & Gender Nonconforming Community

Buff Butch

Making Fitness Accessible To All Gender Identities

The fitness industry is rife with body shaming, racism, enforcement of gender binaries, ableism, and a lack of representation by queer folks. Even when the training knowledge is sound, it can be stressful to participate in a program that doesn’t understand you at all.

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You shouldn’t have to compromise your identity in order to strengthen your relationship with your body

Stop listening to the advice of fitness professionals who understand nothing about your community.

I created Buff Butch to offer fitness guidance to those who exist outside the gender binary.

Our Mission

It is my mission to empower queer, gender nonconforming & transgender trainees to strengthen their mind-body connection, increase their physical strength, and remove existing barriers you face in normative fitness settings.

Who We Are

Yo, my name is Pat.

I’m a transgender man of color who happens to be a competitive boxer and personal trainer.

I started this project because folks, such as yourself,would approach me for advice on how they can become involved with fitness without feeling triggered by oppressive fitness practices.

So, I combined my knowledge as a personal trainer and athlete,my experiences as a queer transgender person of color, and the understanding I have of those who haven’t had access to the kind of training to create this space.

Buff Butch’s goal is to spread education of queer, gender nonconforming, & transgender fitness interests — both to individual trainees and providing resources to gym spaces to make spaces safer for all gender identities.

This isn’t a solo endeavor. I have some help.

Buff Butch at its core is a community project.

We are committed to not only providing resources and guidance online, but also in person.

In person training

In person training groups for queer & transgender people of color ONLY. Priority given to trans femmes of color.


Presenting workshops and speaking at conferences and universities

Professional facility training

Providing professional training to gyms and other facilities to become trans inclusive.