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Buff Butch is an inclusive, encouraging space that welcomes all queer identities and bodies.

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Take Control. Reclaim Your Strength. Define Yourself.

Have you tried to start a training program, but it just didn’t feel right ?

There are plenty of fitness resources out there. Even though the trainers may know what they’re doing when it comes to fitness, the chances are high that they are unfamiliar with our community and our particular needs.

We understand your needs because they’re our needs too.
This site is made by and for members of the queer community to offer easy-to-follow training and nutrition education.

Our goal is to remove the barriers that keep you from accessing the fitness knowledge you need.

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Buff Butch is an inclusive, encouraging space that welcomes all queer identities and bodies.
  • “We all engage in various acts of resistance; fitness is a tool to support and strengthen your rebellion.”

    Pat Manuel


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Community Spotlight: Interview with Josie

Meet Ms. Dr. Joseph L. Simonis, a badass queer athlete!   Based out of Chicago, Josie is a member of the Windy City Rollers, Chicago Red Hots USARS club, and Team Illinois roller derby teams. “Josie grew up playing baseball, football, and wrestling, but recently got back into competitive sports via roller derby… Josie is also the founder of […]


Community Spotlight: Interview with Amy

Meet Amy! Amy is a long time athlete, boxer, fat activist and defiant athlete. She is an advocate of the Health at Every Size approach to fitness and is the founder of Heavyweights, a boxing club for people of all sizes and abilities. She also sits on the board of NOLOSE, a queer organization for […]


Community Spotlight: Interview with Dana

    Since Buff Butch is a community effort, we are creating a space where we can  highlight all the awesome queers trainers and trainees! Introducing the Buff Butch Community Spotlight! Once a week, we will host an interview with one of our community members to talk about gender identity and fitness. Check out our […]

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